Morgan Gold Cup Regional Horse Show
About Us
The Morgan Gold Cup Regional Horse Show, Inc is a non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Ohio for the pupose of presenting the American Morgan Horse Association Region 3 Championship horse show. The organization is governed by a Board of Directors composed of sixteen (16) members - four (4) directors from each of the following AMHA Region 3 member clubs, including the Indiana Morgan Horse Club, the KYOVA Morgan Horse Association, the Ohio Morgan Horse Association, and the Penn-Ohio Morgan Horse Association.

Directors Emeritas

Don Abbit
Ann Aughinbaugh
Merle Aughinbaugh*
Eleanor Brackman
George Budwit*
Sue Budwit
Walter Carroll*
Robert Chapman*
Ed Creighton
Ralph Curtis
Bud DeBraun*
Rovert Driggs*
Milford Fox*
Robert Fraunfelder
Edward Gamble
Rose Grapner
Ralph Grapner
Harry Grunewald*

Art Hatten
Vicki Higgens
Lyle Horne*
Ray Leach*
Norman Mann
Camille Peterson
Max Rudicell
Paul Rumbaugh
Byron Singer
James Stewart*
John Tschantz*
T.D. Ulrich
Floyd Voss
Richard Withers
Jack Whitaker*
Donna Zimmerman


Gold Cup Board of Directors

Jim Taylor

Directors At Large
Karen Brown
Claudia Grimes
Vicki Higgins
Elaine Rosier
Tom Schubert

Elizabeth Burick, POMHA
Pam Cannon, KYOVA
Shanna Gish, Open Director
Bette Ann Parker, POMHA
Lana Richey, KYOVA
Kim Roesink, IMHC
Tim Roesink, POMHA
Carol Selinsky, OMHA
Linda Stewart, OMHA
Jenny Taylor, OMHA
Joanne Teschler, POMHA
Gina Torrez, KYOVA
Kelly Wendel, KYOVA

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